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SVM Heating & Air is an HVAC Company in Porterville, CA that understands the area’s unique weather patterns and extremes. We provide you with the reliable service and peace of mind you deserve. With years of experience in the industry, our team of professionals is dedicated to keeping you comfortable all year round, no matter the weather outside. From installation to maintenance and repair, we’re here to help you with all your heating and cooling needs, ensuring you never have to worry about disruptions or discomfort again.

Don’t let weather extremes disrupt your comfort. Trust us for top-notch HVAC solutions in Porterville. Reach out now and enjoy a worry-free, comfortable living environment.

From Fiery Furnaces To Frosty ACs, We Got What You Need. There Is No Need To Panic!

We understand the diverse HVAC needs of Porterville residents and businesses. Our comprehensive services cover installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement to ensure your system runs efficiently year-round.


Our factory-trained technicians at SVM Heating & Air ensure a flawless installation of your heating or cooling systems. Using top-of-the-line equipment, we guarantee reliable and lasting comfort for your home or business.


Keep your HVAC system in peak condition with SVM Heating & Air’s tailored maintenance plans. Our services include tune-ups, filter replacements, and refrigerant checks to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


Count on our experienced technicians to swiftly diagnose and fix HVAC issues. SVM Heating & Air minimizes downtime and discomfort, providing efficient and effective repair services for your heating and cooling systems.


When it’s time for a new heating or cooling system, SVM Heating & Air offers guidance on energy-efficient options. We help you choose the right system to meet your needs and budget constraints.

Don’t wait for a breakdown. Contact SVM Heating & Air for a free consultation and ensure year-round comfort.

We Speak Fluent "HVAC", No Matter What Your Need May Be!

Central Air Conditioning

Experience home comfort with our expert installation and maintenance of central AC systems. Our skilled technicians ensure efficient and reliable cooling, providing a consistent and comfortable indoor environment throughout the seasons.

Mini Split Heat Pumps

Our technicians specialize in installing and maintaining Mini Split Heat Pumps. These versatile units offer year-round temperature control, ideal for targeted cooling or additions, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency tailored to your specific needs.

Evaporative Coolers

In Porterville’s arid climate, we recommend cost-effective and eco-friendly evaporative coolers. Our experts guide you to the perfect option and ensure its smooth operation, delivering efficient and environmentally conscious cooling solutions for your home or business.

Whatever your HVAC needs, SVM Heating & Air offers personalized solutions. Contact us for a free consultation.

Don't Be An HVAC Hermit, Choose Your Comfort Experts!

Trust matters when it comes to HVAC, and SVM Heating & Air stands on three core principles:

Unwavering Quality

We prioritize unwavering quality by utilizing top-notch HVAC equipment. This commitment ensures that our clients experience reliable and lasting comfort with systems that meet the demands of Porterville’s dynamic climate.

Professional Service

Our dedicated team of trained technicians provides professional service with a commitment to respect and cleanliness. Your space is treated with the utmost care, and we leave it spotless after every heating and cooling service, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients.

Local Expertise

Being Porterville locals, we bring valuable local expertise to every HVAC service. Understanding the area’s unique climate, we offer tailored solutions that consider the specific needs and challenges posed by Porterville’s weather conditions, ensuring optimal system performance and efficiency.

Join our satisfied customers. Experience the difference – exceptional comfort with SVM Heating & Air.

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Are you tired of living in a space that is too hot or cold? Look no further than SVM Heating & Air. With our passion for creating comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient spaces, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations. Don’t settle for a mediocre living space- let us transform it into a haven you’ll love. 

Experience Unparalleled Comfort. Join SVM Heating & Air Today For A Reliable And Transformative HVAC Journey In Porterville